Operating Lease Solutions for Companies

Operating Lease Solutions in Australia

Coming up with the capital to upgrade your vehicles can be difficult, with an Operating Lease you have the benefit of leasing the vehicle for a fixed monthly payment rather than buying the vehicle outright.  An operating lease solution will remove asset and ownership depreciation risk, improve cash flow, take your vehicles off your balance sheet as well as offer a fully maintained option to allow a fixed operating budget.

Repayments on a Motorplan Operating Lease are treated as an operating cost which means they are off balance sheet and generally fully tax deductible up to the depreciation limit.  This means that your capital is freed up for more important business growth objectives.

Operating Lease Advantages

Operating Lease Features


*Any vehicle modifications and accessories must be included at the time of the lease begins or removed and the vehicle bought back to it’s original lease state prior to hand back. Vehicles are subject to the fair wear and tear guide upon hand back.


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