What is Novated Lease?

Motorplan's Novated Lease - Naked Lease can be a cost effective, way of owning your dream vehicle, saving on income tax, GST and enjoying fleet discounts on the purchase price and running costs of your new vehicle.

Employee Benefits
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    To no GST on the purchase!

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    To not paying retail for your wheels!

Employer Benefits
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Naked Lease (novated lease) with Motorplan

What is a novated lease?

A novated lease is a tax effective structure for financing a vehicle. An agreement is made between you (the employee), your employer and Motorplan. You lease the vehicle of your choice and its running costs from Motorplan and your employer makes the payments on your behalf from a combination of pre-tax and post-tax dollars.

The employer makes the necessary deductions from your payroll with the advice of Motorplan and pays these costs to Motorplan directly.

By taking a portion of your running costs from your pre-tax dollars, you reduce your taxable income and therefore your income tax giving you more disposable income. Should you leave your employment, the vehicle and payment responsibility leaves with you.

What can be included in a novated lease?

Motorplanners enjoy the ability to completely tailor their novated lease packages. We offer inclusions such as;

  • Fuel
  • Servicing
  • Tyres
  • Roadside assistance
  • Registration renewals
  • Insurance

You can opt for one of these options or all of them.

Benefits to the employee

Firstly lets talk about savings!

Say Yes, to Income Tax SavingsBy paying some of your vehicle expenses from your pre-tax salary, you reduce your taxable income and therefore reduce your income tax. When you purchase or finance a vehicle, you pay all of these expenses from your disposable income. No income tax reduction and you pay GST on the costs.

Say Yes, to GST SavingsMotorplanners don’t pay GST on the purchase price of the vehicle under a novated lease! That’s a significant saving PLUS you won’t pay GST on the running costs of your vehicle. The GST is claimed by your employer as an expense.

Say Yes, to Big Fleet DiscountsMotorplanners don’t pay retail for their wheels. Motorplanners enjoy national fleet pricing when they enter a novated lease. We also have discounted labour and parts rates with several servicing providers as well as additional perks such as free loan cars.

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The massive savings weren’t enough?
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Think Again….

Other reasons to say Yes and become a Motorplanner

ChoiceYou can choose the vehicle that best suits your lifestyle. New, used or demo.. any make or model.

No business use requiredYou can enjoy all the tax benefits and savings that a novated lease has to offer for a vehicle that is completely for your personal use only.

Fixed monthly paymentsFixed monthly payments for peace of mind and ease of budgeting.

Benefits to the Employer

Say Yes to attracting and retaining the right team

Motorplanner Employers are superheroes in their office! By offering a novated lease to your staff you can create attractive, creative and rewarding remuneration packages. Putting more disposable income in the pockets of your employees without costing your business a dime.

Novated leases essentially allow your team to lease the vehicle of the choice, you make the deductions from the salary using a combination of pre-tax and post-tax payments and pay the money to direct to Motorplan. We take care of the rest.

By reducing your employees taxable income you reduce their income tax resulting in an increase in their disposable income.

Say Yes, to no administrative burdens

Motorplanner Employers have a dedicated Motorplan relationship manager to guide them through the initial lease set up and to be on call every step of the way. Your employees will deal direct with Motorplan regarding any issues relating to their car. Motorplan will provide full and comprehensive reporting as well as 24/7 online access for your employees.

Say Yes, to no unwanted and unused vehicles

Don’t get stuck with a carpark full of unwanted, unused and depreciating vehicles. If an employee leaves your employment, the novated lease vehicle and it’s payment responsibility leaves with them.

Say Yes to Savings

Some Motorplanner Employers also enjoy a reduction in payroll tax and WorkCover costs.


Can anybody benefit from a novated lease?

Yes, a Novated Lease can benefit just about any driver! Check with your employer as to whether or not they can offer this benefit and check out your potential savings on our novated lease calculator.

Do I need to use my vehicle for business to have a novated lease?

No business use is required to reap the benefits that a Motorplan novated lease has to offer. Most of our Motorplanner’s use their vehicle for 100% private use and still enjoy great tax and GST savings not to mention fleet discounts on the purchase price and running costs of their vehicle.

Will a novated lease be better than a personal or car loan?

In most circumstances absolutely. A novated lease allows you to pay for a portion of your vehicle and running costs from your pre-tax dollars, reducing the tax paid from your income and therefore increasing your take home pay. This is not generally possible with a standard vehicle or personal loan. With a novated lease you will finance the vehicle exclusive of GST and the budgeted payment can include servicing, tyres, registration, insurance and other vehicle operating costs.

What happens at the end of my Motorplan Novated Lease?

It’s all about flexibility with a Motorplan novated lease! You can;

  • Pay out the residual value (which is set at the beginning of the lease term) and own your vehicle.
  • Renovate or refinance the residual value
  • Upgrade to a newer vehicle by selling your current vehicle and using the funds to pay your residual out.

*All advice given on this website is of a general nature only and doesn’t constitute financial or tax advice.
Motorplan ALWAYS recommend you seek independent advice from your accountant or tax adviser specific to your personal circumstances.

Why Motorplan?


WA owned

We are a WA owned and run business. Motorplanners enjoy real people to talk to and a WA office to visit.


Onsite Application and Settlement Services

We know that our Motorplanners are busy which is why we offer onsite application and settlement services. Less downtime for you and your staff.


24/7 Online Access

If you have access to the web then you can access our online system to view your fleet vehicles or novated lease 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


Don’t pay retail

Motorplanners don’t pay retail for their wheels, their servicing or their tyres. In fact Motorplanners don’t like paying retail for anything vehicle related.



Looking at a novated lease quote with great confusion! That’s because most providers are busy flashing the savings in your face without really showing you what your costs are. Motorplan offer easy to read, easy to understand quotations that not only show you the fantastic savings we can offer you but also breaks down all of your costs in one easy to read quotation.


Save $7,376*

Toyota CH-R AWD Koba

FROM $143 Post Tax* PER WEEK

Enjoy the new CH-R AWD Koba Automatic for just $143.13 per week post tax including servicing, registration, insurance, tyres and fuel. Save up to $5,720 in income tax alone.

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Save $9,695*

Hilux SR5 Dual Cab 4x4 Auto Turbo Diesel

FROM $279 Post Tax* PER WEEK

Work or Play in style with the new Toyota Hilux SR5. From just $279 per week post tax, including servicing, registration, insurance, tyres and fuel. Save up to $7540 in income tax alone!

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Save $7,384*

Yaris Ascent 5 Door Auto Hatch

FROM $127 Post Tax* PER WEEK

Zip around in the sporty and sleek Toyota Yaris. From just $127 per week post tax including servicing, tyres, registration, insurance and fuel.

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*Pricing and information is current as of March 2018 and is subject to change. All calculations are based on a 60 month term, a gross annual salary of $80,000, 15,000kms per year travelled and a residual value of 28.13% of the on road vehicle cost payable at the end of the term, 100% private usage and operating budgets include an estimate of servicing, registration, insurance, 4 x replacement tyres and fuel. Actual expenditure may vary from the budgeted operating costs. Savings will differ based on individual circumstances and salary. This information does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not substitute any specific financial or taxation advice that you should obtain. Motor Plan Pty Ltd ACL 435308.

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