Get what you want, know what you are getting!”

16 Jun

Motorplan are proud to introduce their new signature product NAKED LEASE!

Cutting the fluff of traditional novated leases and offering bare savings to employees!

The Novated Lease industry is essentially unregulated.  Due to this many of the larger players are concealing horrendous interest rates and fees in complex quotations. They draw your attention to the income tax and GST savings and away from the real costs, allowing them to increase rates and fees without you even noticing.

The Naked Lease ensures that the real butt naked value is delivered to the end user and not snatched up in every aspect of the lease process.

A Novated Lease can be an incredibly cost effective and tax effective way to get into the car of your dreams when it’s done the right way.

So how is Naked Lease different? 

Our motto is “Get what you want and know what you are getting!”

Naked Lease quotes are easy to read and whilst we will show you the great income tax and GST savings we will also show you your true costs.

Our quotes include;

We have ONE monthly fee that covers all management and reporting.  That’s right one fee!

Not a management fee, a record keeping fee, a reporting fee, an admin fee and a fee for keeping track of the fees.

Our online system ensures that all invoices relating to the operating expenses of your vehicle are uploaded directly from the supplier and available for you to view at any given time.  Know exactly what has been spent from your operating budgets direct from the supplier at hand.

It’s called transparency and we pride ourselves on it…

So get Naked with Motorplan…

Cutting the Fluff and bringing back the bare value to leasing!


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