Asset Finance with Motorplan

Asset Finance in Australia

With an extensive panel of lenders, Motorplan have the connections and expertise to find the right asset finance solution for your business.  While we specialise in vehicle financing we also offer asset finance solutions for;

Finance Lease

With a finance lease, the financier owns the goods and you, the customer,  pays a fixed monthly rental for the term of the lease.

Once the lease has finished, you can either pay the residual value (as set at the commencement of the lease) and take ownership of the vehicle, re-finance the residual and continue the lease or sell the vehicle and upgrade.

A finance lease will enable you have immediate access to the equipment you need without having to come up with the cash.

Benefits of a finance lease

For more information on our finance lease product please click here.

Commercial Hire Purchase

With a hire purchase, the financier purchases the asset and hires it back to you for a fixed monthly payment. When you make your final payment (including any balloon payment options) ownership of the asset is turned over to you.

There is the option to include a balloon payment in your hire purchase agreement. This balloon payment will then be payable to the financier at the end of your hire purchase lease. Including a balloon payment in your agreement means that the lease repayments will be less each month.

Benefits of a Hire Purchase;

To read more about our Hire Purchase product please click here.

Chattel Mortgage

Unlike a finance lease or hire purchase arrangement, under a Chattel Mortgage you the customer take ownership of the asset immediately and the financier secures the loan by taking a mortgage over the goods or chattel.

Once the term of your chattel mortgage is complete, the mortgage is lifted.

There is the option to include a balloon payment in your chattel mortgage. This balloon payment will then be payable to the financier upon conclusion of the chattel mortgage. Including a balloon payment included in your chattel mortgage means that the repayments will be less each month.

Benefits of a Chattel Mortgage

To find out more about our Chattel Mortgage product please click here.

Leasing Options

If you are looking to free up capital and want an off balance sheet option then please take a look at our operating lease options.

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